Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Fall Visits

November First - Andrew Wyeth

Some of my favorite people in the world are also relatives - a happy circumstance.  

For me the end of one week is usually designated for beginning to worry about what the next will bring; however... 

today starts with a newsy/talky (mostly me talking) phone conversation with a smart, patient young woman who happens to be related to me. Once I disconnect, it's off to the auto repair shop to find out why the repair bill is so darned high - labor costs are a killer.  The bill paid (with a surprise discount) the revived car sits in  it's customary spot snuggled among mounds of pin-oak leaves. 

Back home, dishes are quickly done - the fireplace warms the living room against a blustery, gone-cold autumn day. A car pulls up in front of the house and in come my baby sister and a favorite aunt.  For a couple hours the kitchen is filled with chatter of school pictures, cousins, bad puns, health issues and reviews of my first attempt at making an apple pie from scratch. Laughter is plentiful. A handsome, bearded man clad in cargo shorts and a heavy flannel shirt emerges from the basement where he is working on electronics.  Teacups warm the hands, the company warms the heart.  The soon to be 14-year-old resident beagle sits at my feet, making known that, if she can't have a piece of pie, then non-stop scratching of her head and neck is the price. 

The Last of Autumn - Andrew Wyeth

Visits by telephone, via text/e-mail or in person feed my heart and soul.  Knowing someone thinks enough of me to take the time for a visit, in whatever form, can lift the heaviest of sorrow, loneliness or care.  Autumn is an especially good time for this as darkness comes sooner, lasts longer and rings a melancholy chord in my heart - will spring keep it's yearly promise of naked trees suddenly etched with blooms, forsythia waving golden fronds and a profusion of fragrant lilacs  painting the winter-bleached landscape?  Surely it will. In the meantime, I will tap into the "lemony sunshine, restorative spring breeze" stockpile that visits like today's have built.