Monday, October 19, 2015

Jesse Stuart - Poet Laureate of Kentucky 1954 - 1984

Jesse Hilton Stuart (August 8, 1906 – February 17, 1984)

My dad died recently.  He was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky and had a lifetime love and longing for the land and the people of his youth.  He had quite a collection of books by Jesse Stuart.   It seems that Mr. Stuart knew my dad's dad so, along with a personal connection, Dad also appreciated the way Mr. Stuart was able to capture, with quiet eloquence and bold imagery, the beauty of the region of which he was a native.  Jesse Stuart's writing is indeed rich and worthy of multiple visits, preferably over  many years, as the words speak to different parts of the heart and the head depending on when they are read.  If you aren't familiar with this poet/author/educator, think about spending a quiet autumn afternoon "dipping a toe or two" into one of his many books.  My guess is you will be transported to an Appalachian locality that might induce you to work the land, compose a ballad, fall in love or marvel at the people who populate this land - a land both deep in poverty and bounty.

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