Monday, February 20, 2012


Trodden Weed ~ Andrew Wyeth

Today was a beautiful Midwest late-winter day ~  temperature in the low 40's, insistent sparkling sunshine, blue skies feathered with wispy, white clouds and a steady but gentle wind ~ enough to keep the hair out of the eyes and kiss the cheeks with pink.  I was walking by the river being led by my faithful canine companion of the last 10 years and drinking in the rich brown-grey color all around  ~ the still naked trees, the ashy, broken leaves on the ground, the wilted,washed out weeds and grass, the rushing water of the St. Joseph river ~ and recalling other walks I have taken in this life.  I've walked into and out of difficulties, up to new challenges, away from love gone cold, towards adventure and with an array of tasks, people, worries, plans. During walks I've held hands down a path, survived terrific embarrassment, enjoyed the soft fingers of rain on my face and not given a darn about what it would do to my hair, shared secrets, had a kiss stolen and said final goodbyes. I've walked to get myself motivated, calm down, figure things out,  pray... And as I walked this afternoon,  I couldn't help thinking that this walk, my companion and the weather were near idyllic. 


  1. Beautiful. I love this - I kind of feel like I was with you, even though I wasn't!

    1. You're so nice, chickennugget. It would have been truly idyllic if you HAD been with. Love you! Thanks for reading my sorely neglected bloggie.