Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ah... the sights and smells of spring

Northern Indiana is pancake flat - except for some surprising gently rolling hills sprinkled here and there. Driving down a hilly country road yesterday admiring the neatly manicured fields (some looking freshly turned) which will host armies of corn stalks in just a few months, I was swept away by the beauty of spring in the Great Lakes area.  Gusty winds blew the decorative grasses planted alongside a white frame farmhouse and bent a windbreak sensuously.  Forsythia bushes untouched by pruning shears danced like flames in the buffeting wind. The car window was down halfway and a pasture filled with black-speckled bovine gave off the earthy aroma of manure and sweet hay.  Red-winged blackbirds seemed to dot the top of each fence post and several mallards flew by overhead braving the wind to reach a pond sparkling blue in one of the farmyards. The first blooms on trees and shrubs along the road in shades of red, delicate pink and white provided a sudden splash of color after the grays and browns of winter.  The spring-soft air tousled my hair and  I was reminded once again of why people fall in love this time of year. 

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