Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

The word two-year-olds worldwide choose not to acknowledge was uttered in the wake of countless attempts by an ungainly girl with a tangle of brown curls covering her head  to wreak havoc on the living room and all it's occupants - "NO!"  Mommy had spoken.  With a stomp of her foot and a severely down-turned lower lip, Little Miss Ringlets blew an gust of upset and unhappiness out her nostrils both clotted with ropey, green snot.  With results no decongestant can produce, a lumpy spray of gunk exited her nose holes and speckled the sleeve of her mother's blouse and the side of mommy's made up face.  Spying me, Little Miss Ringlets made a move toward my perch on a too-soft, stained sofa, sizing me up as she approached.  While it was likely that much of the nasty congealed contents of her snout had already been purged, I was regretting my decision not to don my Hazmat suit before heading out of the house this morning.  Little Miss stopped just short of me and tilted back her head to take aim.  Her nostrils appeared to pulsate with her desire to give me this little gift of her discontent.  Taking a big breath in, she then shot the air out her nose and two things happened - I quickly moved my things and as much of myself as I could out of the line of fire and Little Miss's lower face was covered by what burst forth from her nose.  She had a look of triumph on her face when she leveled her head again to meet my gaze, yellowish-green goo hanging from her chin. Relieved at not having been slimed by nasal mucus, I looked her square in the face, smiled and continued my conversation with her mother.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Spring Forward...  I managed to remember to set my clocks ahead one hour before going  to bed last night.... will wonders never cease?  Now I have an excuse for not getting things done. I have been robbed of an hour of my time.  Predictably,  I know I will not experience greater productivity when I have to fall back an hour in the autumn - I will claim confusion about what time it actually is and probably oversleep the next morning.  It was nice to have some daylight left at almost 8:00 p.m. tonight.  Things are looking up and I find myself smiling a  bit more with each extra minute of daylight.  I was mildly amused and sort of guilt ridden this afternoon when I grabbed the old bags to go clean up after my dog in the backyard.  She was so excited to hear the rattle of plastic bags and ran out on the back porch and sat down right next to her leash in anticipation of a walk.  I think she has a bit of cabin fever like me.  I had to explain that I was just going into the yard  -  it's still pretty chilly to take one of our 5 or 6 + mile walks.  I guess if I were kinder to my dog I could have at least taken her around the block.  I hope she will forgive me and know that many good walks are in the offing. More likely she has posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a more suitable companion.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of control

This in-between weather in northern Indiana creates difficulties.  Recently, in the span of approximately 20 hours, there was lemon yellow sunshine, blustery winds, temps of a balmy 51 degrees, pounding rain, precipitous drops in temperature and then snow.  It's confusing to know how to dress, whether to risk driving and what to do with hair that is very susceptible to weather quirks.  This past Saturday evening, I came home from a fundraiser in fairly mild temperatures and drizzly rain .  When I woke up on Sunday there was a benign-looking dusting of snow on the ground.  With a sense of disappointment that spring hadn't yet arrived, I got ready to leave the house.  Once in the car, I was careful to brake early approaching intersections - black ice is a real danger around here.  Things were going well and I was driving at a speed that seemed appropriate to road conditions - about 5 miles under posted limits.  There was a fair amount of traffic at 9:00 on a Sunday morning.  In a millisecond, a vehicle several car-lengths ahead of me began swerving and slipping across the road. In the next second I hit the same spot and was treated to a gut wrenching, adrenaline boosting roller coaster ride of trying to control a car that hit a solid sheet of ice going 35 miles an hour.  I know everyone says things like that seem to happen in slow motion and it's true.  By some miracle all the cars around me were suddenly gone and my car careered crazily  one moment heading straight for a tree, the next aimed at a very solid looking fire hydrant and then ... "WHACK" - the left rear wheel slammed hard into a high curbed median, the car skittered across two lanes and then gained enough traction for me to get it into a deserted parking lot to assess the damage.  I had to sit in the car for a few minutes trying to wrest my fingers from the steering wheel shaking my head in disbelief and relief that, for a second time in my life, I had a car accident (incident) that involved only myself and my poor car. Anyone who was behind me or at the intersection I was bearing down on probably got a scary show, but thankfully they weren't close enough to be part of the action.

Walking around the car, I didn't initially notice any problems.  I took a few deep breaths and decided to get back on the road.  Only then did I notice that I had to keep the steering wheel pulled quite far to the right to get my car to go straight.  Back in the parking lot, I carefully positioned the steering wheel to situate the front tires facing straight ahead.  This time when I got out of my car, I saw that the left rear tire was at an odd angle to the rest of the tires - no wonder the car slowed down.  Getting back in the car I had a moment of self-pity... who could I call, who could help me, I'm all alone in the world, poor me. I have very good natured neighbors who come to my rescue so frequently I am a little concerned they will move out of the area under cover of darkness some time soon. They quickly showed up in the parking lot and looked reassuringly relieved that I was not injured.  Mr. Neighbor gave the car a quick looking over and proclaimed that the damage was likely not as bad as it looked. Mrs. Neighbor offered all kinds of help and moral support. When it became clear that I would have to have to car towed I sent them on their way with Mrs. Neighbor's offer to pick me up at the service station when the tow truck dropped me off.  Thank goodness for good neighbors who are also friends.

 Now it's Wednesday. I've turned the rental car back in and am anticipating having my little car back from the repair shop sometime tomorrow.  The repairs cost just under my insurance deductible.The week is looking a little better than it did at it's start.