Monday, February 7, 2011

"Snow days" revisited

After my "Snow days" post of late last year, I neglected to shout from the rooftop "I got a snow day!!" when the most recent "Storm of the Century" last week prompted almost everything to shut down, including my office.  I was so delighted to have a free day that I did some work in an attempt to catch up.  Oh well, maybe the next snow day I will put to good use by sleeping in, eating marshmallows for breakfast, staying in my pajamas all day and dancing with the dog.


  1. This winter has me thinking of the joy of listening to the radio for the pronouncement of my school's name on the "closed" list. Just as exciting as Christmas!

  2. Blogging might be an idea too. You could tell us all about the things you got up to on your free day.