Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time - 2

For the past several weeks I have been working around the house - painting, pulling up carpet to reveal very serviceable hardwood floors, moving furniture, going through stacks and stacks of books, dusting, slicing open the side of my hand with a utility knife (thank goodness for kind neighbors who have a first aid kit), etc...  It's been a lot of work and there is still a good bit of stuff to do, but I was sitting in the living room tonight basking in the warm glow of the honey tones coming from the newly bared floor. A plate was on my lap and on the plate was a turkey, bacon, lettuce, onion, provolone cheese sandwich, a modest pile of Cheez-its and a ramekin filled with the remains of the cherry Jell-O that got me through my weekend illness.   The dog, as usual, was parked right at my knee waiting patiently for some of the food to fall into her mouth. She has good reason for hope judging by past episodes which have found me standing up to do something and forgetting I have a lap full of food.  Everything was going along well and then I decided  it would be nice of me to give the dog a little bit of Jell-O.  It never entered my mind that a dog who has been observed swiping a sandwich off a plate and swallowing it whole would have a problem with a little blob of gelatin.  She took it quickly enough and then placed it daintily on the wood floor and started to lick at it.  I suggested somewhat heatedly that she should just pick it up, which she did.  She walked a few steps across the room and deposited a somewhat less molded glob of bright red cherry Jell-O on the floor.  She nudged it across the floor with her nose and took a couple more licks at it - just enough to cause it to liquefy.   Apparently some dogs (maybe all of  them) don't care for the texture of jello. Who knew? As I cleaned up the little red puddle I wondered if Mucinex is a mind-altering substance.  

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  1. It wasn't that she didn't like it...
    She was trying to figure it out. :-P