Sunday, January 23, 2011

To-do lists

(Picture courtesy of Charles Schultz's imagination and artistry)

Another weekend has flown by and my to-do list has nothing on it that I can check off as completed.  The weekends always starts out well enough - a tentative list of things I will accomplish in roughly 48 hours time that will make me feel that I have used my time wisely.  I don't know how things get away from me, but here is an example of what lurks above my head... there is a room in my house that I began painting at Thanksgiving time (it's not unfinished because it is so big... I just changed my mind about how I wanted it all to end up and lost focus), there are stacks of books all over my living room floor that need to be gone through and those books I no longer want discarded, dishes are sitting in the kitchen sink with old food particles petrifying on plates, bowls, forks, the monthly bills are waiting until that bitter end for me to pay them (not necessarily due to lack of funds but lack of ambition/motivation), my dog is in desperate need of a bath/brush and a mountain of paperwork that should have been done yesterday leans precariously on the edge of an ottoman.  And now it is Sunday evening and nothing of any substance got done. Well, that's not altogether true.  I did manage to start reading 3 or 4 books that have been on my list for quite a while, the mail-delivery-deterring iceberg that had parked on the front steps of my house after a recent, if brief , "warm up" has been tamed with ice-melt and removed, Marx Brothers movies in need of another viewing got viewed and visits to various family members, in person or by phone, occurred.  It seemed like a full and productive weekend until I looked around and saw all the things I didn't do.  Ah well.  Next weekend this weekend's tasks will be a little further down the list and a bit more likely to get accomplished.


  1. Fill up the sink with detergent and water and a couple drops of ammonia and soak the dishes clean.
    Send the dog out to the groomer.
    Send the books to me. All of them.
    You're on your own with the bills and paperwork.

  2. BlipfillypicklepooJanuary 23, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    June: Thanks for the helpful hints - I will take your advice about the dishes. The dog has some sort of phobia about the groomer so it is usually easier (when I make the time) to just pop her in the tub and suds her up. With regard to the books, I am a bit of a book nut and hate to part with them. The books I am considering sending on their way are some that were my mom's and about topics that don't hold much interest for me. Hope your week goes well.

  3. Damn. I didn't know you were a fellow book nut.
    So much for that idea...

  4. I adore you...just so you know--just as you are! Ya big ol' pile! xoxox

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Reading books is never a waste of time and visiting relatives and family is more important than any of the chores. You did good, my friend, for the week-end even if you didn't think so.

  6. Perhaps I could come keep you company and lend a hand one of these upcoming weekends? :)

  7. I am not too bothered about all the things you didn't get done, you got done a few of the essential ones that make life worth living.

    There is just one I mind: don't neglect the dog, you'll have a lot more hair to clean up if you do.

    Saw you at June's and came to look who's hiding behind the name.