Friday, December 3, 2010

What goes "hahaha plop"?

Someone laughing his head off.... I don't know why, but that joke still makes me laugh like an idiot.  I think I first heard it as a child - probably from one of the little prizes out of a Cracker Jack box.  It's been my personal crusade since to keep it current - ?  There are usually one or two reactions to this joke:  1) a low groan usually followed by a hastily mumbled excuse for needing to be somewhere else right away, or 2) a genuine laugh that brightens the immediate area a little or a lot.  Such a simple and pretty silly joke.  No cuss words, no sexual innuendo (at least not that I ever noticed).  Just pure silliness.  I have found that some of the least amused have been the age range between about  12- 17 years closely followed by parents/teachers/bosses/etc.. these are people who tend to be very serious and who frown upon silliness.  Silliness is underappreciated.  Perhaps my new crusade will be champion silliness in general instead of just  this joke.  


  1. I think you're right. Maybe I should join you in this silliness campaign.

  2. Thanks, PN. I'd be happy to have you join the fight.

  3. Loved it! My favorite Cracker Jack prize joke is:
    Why do sharks swim in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze! Thanks for sharing a good laugh and starting a great blog! Congrats!