Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow days

I wish adults got snow days.  When I was a kid, one of the best things about snowy weather, aside from going out and playing in it, was waiting by the radio on a cold, snowy morning wishing so hard to hear my school name being rattled off with the rest of the schools that would be closed that day due to weather conditions.  If it wasn't, I felt life was very unfair - like I'd been cheated out of something. If it was, there was such a sense of relief.... whew, don't have to bother with that today... what am I going to do with this found time? Almost certainly I would not use it to do the schoolwork I had already put off far too long.  Why waste a perfectly good snow day?
As an adult, I notice that, when the weather turns snowy, icy and windy, still I have a sense of anticipation that perhaps a snow day will be called. I don't think it's ever happened yet.  It's not that I am a doctor or a street department employee. It's that my employer apparently expects me to make an adult decision about whether I can safely get to and from work every day.  If I determine that I can't, my employer expects me to make appropriate arrangements to get the work rescheduled for a day in the near future when the weather is less potentially lethal.  What a concept! Perhaps I'll get a snow day after all.


  1. I loved snow days too...but Mom was working for a lot of your snow days--she was home for most of mine, and she was a SLAVE DRIVER! giggle...thanks for posting!

  2. Kathleen's your older sister, isn't she.
    I know the tone.
    They always think they had it worse... ;-p